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Hello Voice Seeker!

My name is Lauren Watson.

Welcome to my voiceover site!

I am very honored to be on your voiceover radar! Many say I have a warm welcoming voice and personality. So if you're looking for a warm, compassionate, or young mom sound for your voiceover needs you've come to the right voice actor! My specialties are narrations, commercials, ADR (automated dialogue replacement), e-Learning, and singing (alto - midsoprano range).

Above are my commercial and narration demos. Please have a listen to hear a sample of my natural feminine sounding voice. I hope to be working with you soon!

About Me

My name is Lauren Watson and I am an American female voiceover actor. I have four plus years of vocal experience from choir directors, received awards for participating in solo and ensemble competitions, and have been through the training provided by Such a Voice. I have a compassionate young warm voice and can sing in the alto to mid-soprano range.

I have a home studio with professional recording equipment. I specialize in narration, commercials, e-learning, ADR (automated dialogue replacement), and singing. I have previously completed local radio commercials and record audiobooks for Learning Ally.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I have three kids (two children and one blue heeler)
  • I can read spanish, english, and japanese (hirangana).
  • I am from San Antonio, Texas.
  • I love soccer.
  • My favorite anime is Fruits Basket.
  • I read webcomics and have many favorites.
  • My biggest supporter and fan is my husband, Toutan.

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